Marc Salvador merges rugged elements of rock, swaying pop subtleties and fresh dance melodies into a heavily 80s-synth soundscape with his newest solo endeavor. Fans of Jamiroquai, Pharrell Williams and Phoenix will be easily convinced of Marc Salvador’s sultry atmosphere.

Currently in collaboration with Barcelona-based producers Valen Nieto and Santos & Fluren from Blind Records (produced Love of Lesbian, Sidonie, Sopa de Cabra, Supersubmarina, Elefantes) and previously connected to the major Spanish acts The New Raemon, Christina Rosenvinge, Zahara, Marc Salvador is now putting all of his energy into his own vision.

You can listen to Marc Salvador’s latest fiery single “Shadow” on the Swiss Newcomer Playlist. “Shadow” narrates an optimistic view of the human being future through shimmery gestures and zealous ambiance.